Why You Should Never Choose Cheap Hair Transplants

“Health is everything”, although many people fail to believe in this statement. However, when it’s about your well-being, no risk and dangers should be taken. Health is a field where cheap prices should never be prioritized above quality of services. It would be really a bad idea to go for low prices instead of seeking better treatment.


Choosing cheap surgery can give you undesired outcomes, but it can cause irreparable damage as well.

Let’s take a look at some reasons that will explain why cheap hair transplants aren’t worth the risk.

Never Visit Cheap Surgery Clinics

You can easily find cheap hair transplant in India as numerous clinics are sprouting every day. However, you’ll be shocked to know that many of these are unlicensed and perform the surgery illegally. It is these illegal centres that can be the greatest danger and they frequently offer the cheapest deals.

But, this doesn’t mean that every clinic is illegal or provides bad service in India. Harleys Hair Transplant Clinic in Mumbai is known for providing world-class transplant services and it has a long list of highly satisfied patients from India and abroad. It’s all about finding the right transplant clinic.

Finding The Best Surgeon And Clinic

To find the best hair transplant surgeon in India, you can search online. By visiting the website of the clinic, you can determine if the place is right for you or not. Look at social networking sites and Google reviews of the clinic. If someone had a bad experience at a clinic, then there’s a high chance that he might have reviewed the clinic on Google or social media sites. You can easily determine whether the clinic is good or not by reading the reviews on these websites.

Choose Quality Over Cost

In order to save money, we often go for cheap products while doing everyday shopping. Whenever we are doing shopping in bulk, we look for discount and low prices. This type of shopping is fine in other areas, but this shouldn’t be your approach while looking for a hair transplant surgery clinic. There’s a strong possibility that a clinic providing hair transplant at cheap prices might fail to deliver the desired outcomes. There are many cases where cheap transplants have delivered botched results that give more pain to the patients. This is the reason why you should always pick the best hair transplant surgeon and don’t fall for cheap services.

Long Term Risks

By choosing a cheap transplant, you’re taking a huge risk that can affect your health significantly. You must choose only the best clinic for hair transplant in India that is known for its top-notch services. Remember, getting treatment at unlicensed clinic can permanently damage you scalp, so it’s better to go for the best in the transplant industry.

Why You Should Never Choose Cheap Hair Transplants

Is Hair Transplant Painful?

One of the most common questions that we often get asked at Harleys Hair transplant Clinic is whether hair transplant hurts or not. Let’s discuss this question in detail.

Understanding The Different Methods Used

To find answer of this question, first we need to look at what the different methods used. There are two main sorts of hair transplant methods used in widely in India – FUE and FUT.

With FUT (Follicular Unit Transplants) the strong hair follicles are expelled in tiny strips from the back or side of the head, also known as donor zone, and then it is harvested into the affected region. This method is marginally more invasive, so the healing and recovery time might be longer and there will be minor scarring as well.

On the other hand, in FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction), the specialist will remove individual hair follicles that are then embedded into the bald area. This method leaves almost no scarring and has a speedier recovery time of 5 to 10 days.

Measuring The Pain

All we can say that there is just no getting away from the fact that hair transplant is a surgical technique, and therefore it needs utilization of local anaesthesia to limit the pain brought on to the patient. This normally, proposes that there might be some level of pain involved in the surgery. However, the anaesthesia is utilized to reduce any pain while the hair transplant surgery is going on.

Still, some patients do report that the procedure can feel a bit uncomfortable. However, as patients are conscious throughout the surgery, some do say that it feels more awkward or stinging instead of painful. This is because the patient is conscious while the treatment is performed, so the patient knows about what is going on and will encounter some sensation of pulling tingling while the surgery is done, but with the local anaesthesia this won’t really hurt.

Post-Surgery Pain

While the surgery itself shouldn’t bring about any pain to the patient, the area that has been operated with is probably going to feel a bit different after the treatment is finished. This happens because the tissues in the scalp have to deal with trauma, which will unavoidably result in redness and some swelling in the initial days.

In FUT, the donor area from where hair grafts has been expelled might be more delicate and take marginally more time to recover. However, patients are prescribed mild painkillers by best hair transplant surgeon in India to ease any post-surgery pain. Within a few days these symptoms will go away.

By and large, pain and discomfort are minimal or non-existent when it comes to hair transplant in India. This happens because the procedures and recovery times are usually quick.

Is Hair Transplant Painful?

Put An End To Your Fear And Anxiety Before Hair Transplant Surgery

Stress, anxiety, and fear are normal phenomenon, which occurs when a person is worried or nervous as he/she isn’t sure about the outcome of any particular situation. This more often influences a person’s behaviour towards a condition. The majority of individuals feel anxious about numerous circumstances, for example, individual life issues, career, health problems, low accomplishments and a lot more.


Baldness occurs because of excessive loss of hair in a short period of time. For people who are worried about balding and wish for a permanent solution, hair transplant treatment is the appropriate solution.


Transplant is a surgical procedure done to remove baldness permanently. As it is a surgery, many people become stressful and anxious while thinking about the outcomes of the treatment. There are a few questions that may emerge in patient’s mind before getting the transplant surgery.


  • What Will Happen On the Day Scheduled For The Surgery?


Upon the arrival of your transplant day, the surgeon will make the last consultation and with the help of markings demonstrate the design of the hairline and the area to be treated. The doctor may take a few photographs in this stage before the treatment begins. You will be asked to sign the agreement of consent. The hair will be trimmed by a staff member. To ease out the anxiety level, the surgeon may give you some medicines to control the anxiety.


  • How Will The Transplant Begin?


The transplant will begin from the utilisation of local anaesthesia on the head to make it numb. You may feel a bit uncomfortable while it is being administered; however after a couple of minutes, you can watch the TV, listen music and so on, while the transplant is performed carefully by the best hair transplant surgeon in India.


The patient may feel somewhat uneasy about the surroundings, instruments and the behaviour of the staff. However, if you choose the services of the best hair transplant surgeon in India, then you don’t have to worry about these things. The clinic of a reputed surgeon will follow all the rules & regulations, and all the medical instruments or equipment will be properly sterilised before starting the transplant.


The hair transplant surgeon will prescribe some effective antibiotics in order to reduce the chances of any infection. The surgeon understands that the patients have fear, anxiety and nervousness before any surgery, whether small or big, so all efforts are made to ensure that the surgery is performed without any pain or discomfort.


  • Fear And Anxiety Related To The Results Of The Transplant


A patient needs to remain calm and have patience during and after the transplant treatment. Remember, the transplanted hair will take some time to develop. The hair will grow after the shedding process is over and the duration varies from patient to patient. The complete and proper growth of hair will finish approx. 8 to 12 months after the surgery. So, have patience and wait for the wonderful results.

Put An End To Your Fear And Anxiety Before Hair Transplant Surgery

Are You A Teenager And Suffering From Hair Loss? It’s Time To Try Hair Transplant!

Yes, it’s true! Teenagers are spending a lot of money these days to resolve their balding problems. Since the last decade, baldness has affected a lot of people right from their teenage due to unhealthy lifestyles. Hair transplant is an ultimate solution for baldness, but many people, especially teenagers have little or absolutely no knowledge on how it works.


Hair transplant is a cosmetic surgical method and almost everyone is qualified to get this treatment, yet there are some steps that need to be followed by the surgeon and patients in order to get the best results.


Let’s take a look at what it takes to become an ideal candidate for hair transplant treatment.


  • The patient needs to have healthy scalp and should not be suffering from disease like hypertension, diabetes etc. if a person is suffering from these conditions, then there’s a chance of infection or excessive bleeding during the procedure
  • Balding is because of androgenic alopecia and the male pattern baldness is giving an ugly appearance to an individual
  • Loss of hair due to trauma, accidents or burns
  • Absence of facial hair or loss hair from eyebrow
  • Scars at the areas where hair have stopped growing after a trauma or surgery
  • The person suffering from male pattern baldness has already tried hair growing medicines available in the market and these medicines failed to deliver any results.
  • Patient ought to have required donor areas because the outcome additionally relies on upon the level of balding, and additionally on the availability of the donor area. If donor areas on the scalp are not available, then the surgeon might extract hair follicles from other parts of the body.
  • Patient ought to have a great and healthy way of life as it might add to the outcomes of the surgery. The person needs to eat a healthy diet and take the required amount of fluids to maintain the health, should follow a proper sleeping routine as wee. All these healthy habits will enhance the immunity level of the person.


  • Why is there a High Demand for Hair transplant Among Teens in Mumbai?


Thanks to their genes, many people are bound to lose their hair at a youthful age. Since a few youngsters have been facing balding, for quite a long time, individuals may ask why there is a sudden increase in demand for hair transplant in Mumbai among teenagers nowadays.


It may be that latest social media culture, in which individuals, especially teenagers consistently take Selfies or appear in photographs with groups of family & friends, both of these are usually shared on different social networking sites like, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn.


However, it’s important for parents to ensure that their teenagers visit only the best hair transplant surgeon in Mumbai, India. It could also be that today’s teenagers are more proficient and aware of the options available to them or that their family members are providing them money to get some costly hair transplant surgeries in Mumbai. In this era of Selfie and social media, it’s difficult to find a teenager who won’t choose hair surgery to remove his/her baldness.

Are You A Teenager And Suffering From Hair Loss? It’s Time To Try Hair Transplant!

Top 7 Most Effective Tips to Prevent Hair Loss

When you wake up every morning, do you notice hair on your pillow? If there only a few strands, then there’s no problem, but if you find too many hair on the pillow, then you’re suffering from hair loss problem.

Let’s take a look at some of the most effective hair care tips that will help in preventing your hair loss problem.

1. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is a standout amongst the best natural treatments for balding. By using coconut oil for massage on your scalp, you can enhance the hair development. The oil gives the required moisture and expels impurities from the skin.

2. Amla Or Indian Gooseberry

Vitamin C and other antioxidants are excessively found in Amla. Therefore, this can treat a considerable measure of medical problems. You can set up a solution by squeezing the juice an Amla or you can utilise Amla powder also. You can likewise squeeze an Amla and blend its juice with 2 spoons of lemon juice. After that, you need to apply the mixture on the scalp. Leave it to get absorbed in the skin and then wash it with lukewarm water after half an hour.

3. Eggs

Eggs are really very rich in minerals and proteins, and they are a perfect choice to treat baldness. Make a mixture by using 1 egg white with 1 spoon of olive oil, and after that apply it on the head. Allow the mixture on the scalp and do its job for 15 minutes, then wash it off with water and high quality shampoo.

4. Acupressure

This old technique enhances hair development. You can try Acupressure treatment at an expert, or do it yourself at home with the help of educational videos that show how to do it. It has hardly any side effects and can prove beneficial for your condition.

5. Healthy Diet

To achieve the best hair development, you might need to eat an excellent diet. You require protein that can stimulate the development of your hair. Beside this, food items, for example, fruits, fish, milk, red meat, cheese, grains and beans should be in your diet plan.

6. Iron

Baldness might also occur due to iron deficiency in your body. To increase the iron in your body, you need to eat fish, red meat, chicken, spinach, eggs, pulses and food items with high iron content.

7. Cover Your Head

Too much exposure to extreme heat, dust, pollution and humidity can also speed up the process of hair loss. Therefore, when you step outdoors, you need to ensure that your hair is properly covered, especially in summers and rainy season.

Bonus Tip: Are your hair falling at a quick rate and you think that natural hair care remedies are of no use now? No need to get sad because hair transplant in India is an amazing option you still have that can get hair back on your scalp. With hair transplant treatment, you can look young and handsome within a few months.

Top 7 Most Effective Tips to Prevent Hair Loss

The Connection Between Stress And Hair Loss

Hair loss is one of the major physical effects that can occur due to excessive stress. There is a wide range of reasons for baldness and it can be hard to learn the exact reason for a subsiding hairline or the appearance of a bald spot. However, you may need to consider techniques for controlling or avoiding stress.

Hair loss caused by stress can influence males and females similarly and they can keep losing their precious hair for quite a long time after a traumatic event or unpleasant period in their life. Not much can be done to prevent stress from certain unforeseen occasions. However, you can perhaps reduce the physical toll it brings with some stress soothing procedures.

Individuals who work in extremely stressful conditions or the individuals who are specifically influenced by the worries of daily life, it is worth counselling with an expert doctor, if the stress levels become overwhelming. Frequently one of the primary measures a physician will suggest you to take is to focus on regular exercise as it will help your body to recover from highly stressful circumstances and maintain stress levels more effectively.

You may likewise consider choosing meditation, breathing procedures that bring many individuals a lot of peace and calmness. In case you are feeling stressed from specific occasions instead of every day stress, then it is a smart step to search and practice procedures that will permit you to promptly decrease the anxiety levels and inconvenience you feel.

There are assortments of breathing and stretching practices you can discover that will assist in times of stress and basically remembering to take deep breaths can diminish the level of stress you feel. There are additionally natural teas or supplements with stress diminishing impacts, a basic green or mint tea can unwind you extensively. Although, this may not be effective for managing one big unpleasant occasion, but it can become a helpful part of your everyday schedule.

In case you notice that you are still feeling highly stressed or dealing with a high amount of hair fall even after discovering and following stress relief procedures, then you need to consult top hair transplant surgeons in India. If it becomes quite unbearable to deal with stress, then you should take medicines that are prescribed by expert doctors.

By just getting an idea of the main drivers behind your stress & anxiety can help you diminish the levels that they can physically influence you. There are many occasions that cause stress and can’t be avoided completely. However, you can learn unwinding methods to help you recoup and adapt to them.

Baldness caused by stress can be easily treated with help of hair transplant in India. The Best hair transplant in India is a reliable and most effective way to remove baldness. While stress related baldness is one physical showcase of the level of stress you’re feeling, but there can be other the more physical symptoms that need to be considered and managed.

The Connection Between Stress And Hair Loss

7 Things You Must Avoid After Getting Hair Transplant Surgery

There’s no doubt that hair transplant surgery is one of the most reliable and result-oriented treatment for baldness. Visiting Harleys Cosmetic Clinic will surely increase the chances of achieving the best outcomes from the treatment.

Let’s take a look at some to things you should not do or avoid, after getting a hair transplant.

1. Try not to expose your scalp to direct sunlight (as it contains harmful UV rays also) right after the procedure and even after a couple of days, particularly if the treated area is still swollen. If going outside in daytime is extremely necessary, then wear a cap or protective gear.

2. Try not to touch or scratch the recently operated scalp. A bit of itching, tingling and some swelling are usual symptoms. Scratching or rubbing the sore scalp may result to the new grafts fall out before they get an opportunity to develop.

3. Try not to drink liquor or any form of alcohol for the initial 1 month after the method as it affects the blood circulation to the head. Try to stop drinking alcoholic beverages completely as it one of the major causes of many dangerous health issues. New researches are also indicating that alcohol is also one of the major causes of hair loss in men & women. So, it’s better to take precaution and avoid alcohol, instead of losing hair completely.

4. Try not to smoke for a whole month after the surgery as smoking can affect blood circulation to the hair follicles on your scalp. Blood circulation is important for the development of new hair, all things considered, or even better, totally surrendering smoking can speed up the development of your hair. To keep yourself away from any aftereffects of leaving smoking, start cutting down your cigarette one by one every day for a couple of months before you plan your hair transplant in Dubai.

5. Try not to play any type of sports, outdoor activities or do exercise until a week after the surgery. Minimal exercises with insignificant effort might be continued around 10 days after the procedure. Sports with body contact, for example, football or wrestling should be avoided for at least a month.

6. Try not to take part in exercises/activities that would result in excessive sweating. Sweat increases the danger of getting affected by a disease considerably. It would likewise be wise to reschedule that steam shower or sauna arrangement until a month or more for a same reason.

7. Try not to consistently bend over or twist around, or lean forward or clean out your nose brutally after the first week of the surgery.

Hair transplant in Dubai is one of the most effective treatments that can get hair back on your bald head. So, try your best to take proper care of your scalp after the surgery.

7 Things You Must Avoid After Getting Hair Transplant Surgery