Answered – Most Burning Questions about Rhinoplasty

As rhinoplasty is becoming one of the leading cosmetic surgery conducted in Mumbai. There are a lot of concerns and questions that need to be answered, so the prospective people thinking of having a rhinoplasty surgery can feel more relaxed before undergoing the surgery. Though rhinoplasty surgery is a very personal decision for a person, as it involves your facial looks, so it is advised if you have any doubts regarding the procedure further, it would be best to consult our specialist cosmetic surgeons in Mumbai.

Rhinoplasty Surgery Concerns

Do Only Women opt for Reshaping Surgery?

Yes, it’s very true that women are more open to such issues and the number of women undergoing rhinoplasty surgery is way more than men, but men are not far behind, as now men too have become very conscious about their facial looks, though you might not hear a man discussing about such issues openly. Other than nose reshaping, many of the patients opt for rhinoplasty surgery, for correction of nasal passage to improve breathing and get rid of snoring problems.

Does Rhinoplasty surgery cause breathing problems?

Though cosmetic surgeries at times have a minimal complication, breathing problems due to rhinoplasty surgery never happen, though you might feel a bit uncomfortable just after the surgery, due to bandages applied on the nose, within a few days you will feel perfectly fine.

Is Rhinoplasty surgery painful?

As rhinoplasty surgery is performed under the influence of general or local anesthesia patient don’t feel any pain during the procedure and after the procedure is over patients are prescribed painkillers for a while, as after rhinoplasty surgery patients might feel a bit uncomfortable. The best would be to consult your rhinoplasty surgeon about any such queries and he will brief you about the procedure, so you will be more confident before opting for rhinoplasty surgery.

Will my nose look real/natural after Rhinoplasty?

If you chose to have your rhinoplasty surgery with the best cosmetic surgeon in Mumbai, there is no doubt that your nose will not look natural or real, in fact, it would be impossible for people to recognize that you had undergone any such surgery

Is Anesthesia dangerous?

The sole purpose of anesthesia is to prevent any pain during a surgical procedure and it is been used in almost every surgical procedure so the patient doesn’t feel the pain and surgeons can concentrate on the surgery. Anesthesia can be given in two ways local or general, though most of the cosmetic surgeons prefer general anesthesia.

Can I opt for any cosmetic surgeon for Rhinoplasty?

No, you shouldn’t opt for any cosmetic surgeon for your Rhinoplasty surgery, because in every medical profession there are certain specialists who are expert in performing specific surgeries, so you need to find out a facial cosmetic surgeon who is specialist in performing rhinoplasty surgery. When you are ready with the list of surgeons, do some fact checks like, reading online reviews, when you meet the cosmetic surgeon in person, do ask them to show you patient diaries that include before after images with patient testimonials, this will give you a presumption about the Surgeons work and how your rhinoplasty surgery outcome may be.

Though we have covered all the aspects of rhinoplasty surgery, it would be best to consult a cosmetic surgeon in person, as rhinoplasty or commonly known as nose surgery can be a life-changing decision.

Answered – Most Burning Questions about Rhinoplasty

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