Are You A Teenager And Suffering From Hair Loss? It’s Time To Try Hair Transplant!

Yes, it’s true! Teenagers are spending a lot of money these days to resolve their balding problems. Since the last decade, baldness has affected a lot of people right from their teenage due to unhealthy lifestyles. Hair transplant is an ultimate solution for baldness, but many people, especially teenagers have little or absolutely no knowledge on how it works.


Hair transplant is a cosmetic surgical method and almost everyone is qualified to get this treatment, yet there are some steps that need to be followed by the surgeon and patients in order to get the best results.


Let’s take a look at what it takes to become an ideal candidate for hair transplant treatment.


  • The patient needs to have healthy scalp and should not be suffering from disease like hypertension, diabetes etc. if a person is suffering from these conditions, then there’s a chance of infection or excessive bleeding during the procedure
  • Balding is because of androgenic alopecia and the male pattern baldness is giving an ugly appearance to an individual
  • Loss of hair due to trauma, accidents or burns
  • Absence of facial hair or loss hair from eyebrow
  • Scars at the areas where hair have stopped growing after a trauma or surgery
  • The person suffering from male pattern baldness has already tried hair growing medicines available in the market and these medicines failed to deliver any results.
  • Patient ought to have required donor areas because the outcome additionally relies on upon the level of balding, and additionally on the availability of the donor area. If donor areas on the scalp are not available, then the surgeon might extract hair follicles from other parts of the body.
  • Patient ought to have a great and healthy way of life as it might add to the outcomes of the surgery. The person needs to eat a healthy diet and take the required amount of fluids to maintain the health, should follow a proper sleeping routine as wee. All these healthy habits will enhance the immunity level of the person.


  • Why is there a High Demand for Hair transplant Among Teens in Mumbai?


Thanks to their genes, many people are bound to lose their hair at a youthful age. Since a few youngsters have been facing balding, for quite a long time, individuals may ask why there is a sudden increase in demand for hair transplant in Mumbai among teenagers nowadays.


It may be that latest social media culture, in which individuals, especially teenagers consistently take Selfies or appear in photographs with groups of family & friends, both of these are usually shared on different social networking sites like, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn.


However, it’s important for parents to ensure that their teenagers visit only the best hair transplant surgeon in Mumbai, India. It could also be that today’s teenagers are more proficient and aware of the options available to them or that their family members are providing them money to get some costly hair transplant surgeries in Mumbai. In this era of Selfie and social media, it’s difficult to find a teenager who won’t choose hair surgery to remove his/her baldness.

Are You A Teenager And Suffering From Hair Loss? It’s Time To Try Hair Transplant!

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