All You Wish To Know About Hair Transplant In Dubai

The best solution currently available for hair loss is hair transplant surgery. It is a surgical process, so you must ponder every single point before deciding to go for the surgery. You should visit and consult best hair transplant surgeon in Dubai to get desirable results. Keep in mind, every hair transplant in Dubai needs a different approach.

You need to closely examine all the procedures available for hair transplant treatment in Dubai, and qualifications of the surgeon who will perform the surgery. To ensure favourable results you need to find the best hair transplant surgeon in Dubai. If you’re eligible then the success of the procedure will depend on elements such as surgeon’s ability, experience and the technique used.

Unlike the olden times, when hair transplant was not possible, things have change drastically now. Hair transplant is now possible because of the scientific development in this field. Not every area on the head looses hair and the follicles at the sides or back of the scalp are not prone to hair loss. The treatment includes extraction of skin with follicles from the head and re-attaching it to the bald areas. The growth of newly attached follicles continues in areas where hair loss problem was widespread before.

Multiple transplant grafts are required to ensure enough material for balding spots. Hair transplant make the head to look a lot fuller with hair, but pre-baldness density is a bit difficult to get.

The best candidates for hair transplant treatment are people older than 30 years of age and who have witnessed a high level of hair loss. It is better to opt for hair transplant in Dubai after the balding process completely stops as it helps surgeon to determine the level of problem. To get the best outcomes from the hair transplant treatment, it is quite important that the surgery produces a natural looking result.

Smaller grafts are used nowadays which look more natural, though might not be able to copy the hairline most people want. However, the hair transplant surgeon will ensure that the hair grows in the same pattern by transplanting follicular units.

These units are made by using 1 to 4 follicles, nerves, tissues, cells and blood vessels. The surgeon will make sure by using new techniques and microscope hat follicular units remain tight to generate the best results from the transplant procedure.

Small holes are made with help of a needle in the receiving area of the follicular units. The hair transplant surgeon will then insert the grafts into these holes. He will make sure that the follicular units are not damaged while being attached to the bald area.

All You Wish To Know About Hair Transplant In Dubai

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