Top 7 FAQs About Acne Scar Problem

The problem of acne and scars is quite common among teenagers and adults as well. Acne scars appear due to various reasons and most of us have little idea about them. You should visit the best cosmetic surgeon in Mumbai who can offer excellent acne scar treatment in Mumbai.


Here are some of the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) related to acne scar.


  • FAQ #1 – Only Teenagers Are Affected By Acne?

The answer will be a big No. It’s true that people are affected from this problem when they reach teenage, but some carry the problem even when they become adults. In some rare cases even new born babies have acne. Most of the people usually outgrow this problem, but some females have to deal with the problem until their menopause begins.


  • FAQ #2 – What Can Turn The Situation Worse?

Some of the factors which can make the problem of acne scar even worse are:

  • Scrubbing the skin hard
  • Blemishes are squeezed or picked
  • Extreme humidity levels and high pollution
  • Extreme rubbing of the skin which causes friction
  • Stress caused by from tight clothing, heavy backpacks and helmets
  • Hormone levels change in females 2 to 5 days before their menstrual period starts.


  • FAQ #3 – Humidity And Sweating Makes Acne Worse?

It is true that humidity and sweating have the power to make the acne problem even worse. The problem becomes bigger because of the hydration and swelling of the blockages, which is caused by extreme humidity and sweating. The inflammatory phase of acne can get started due to these developments.


  • FAQ #4 – Can Some Medicines Have Adverse Affects On Acne?

The answer will be yes, there are many medicines available in the market which if consumed without consulting the best cosmetic surgeon in Mumbai then the problem of acne can increase sharply. However, in case a medicine prescribed by a doctor is having adverse affects on your skin, then consult the doctor immediately.


  • FAQ #5 – When Should I Stop Taking Medicines?

Never stop consuming prescribed medicines on your own, also never start consuming any medicine without consulting an expert doctor. You must talk to your doctor in detail before making any changes. If you stop taking medicines or change the amount of dose, the acne might popup again.


  • FAQ #6 – When Should I Wash My Skin?

At least twice every day, you should wash your skin by using soap or face wash. When the skin becomes dry completely, you should apply the prescribed acne treatment cream.


  • FAQ #7 – Who Should I Consult For Acne Scar Treatment In Mumbai?

Ensure that you visit the best cosmetic surgeon for an advice on Acne scar treatment in Mumbai. If you fail to visit an expert doctor then your acne problem might increase. The best cosmetic surgeon in Mumbai will assimilate your condition and help you to get rid of the problem significantly.

Top 7 FAQs About Acne Scar Problem

Top 6 Reasons To Choose Laser Hair Removal in Mumbai

Have you become too tired and fed up by waxing or shaving the unwanted hair from various areas on your body? Don’t get disappointed because laser hair removal in Mumbai is an amazing cosmetic treatment than can remove all the unwanted hair from your body permanently.


Laser cosmetic procedure in Mumbai is the only way to remove unwanted hair from your face and body permanently. If you hate shaving or waxing after every 15 or 20 days your body parts then this is the right treatment for you. No other hair removal procedure or treatment can match or deliver the level of results achieved by this laser cosmetic procedure in Mumbai. It is a lot better option than shaving or waxing your body parts regularly.


Here are some points that will help you to understand laser hair removal in Mumbai in a better way. Have a look.


  • This treatment is not for every type of skin or hair. People who have dark hair and light skin usually get better results. This hair removal procedure is aimed at targeting pigmented tissue, so it won’t deliver positive results on blonde grey, white or red hair.


  • Underarms, arms, legs, upper lips, bikini line, chest and back are areas targeted in this treatment. Some people also choose hair removal from pubic area, but it should be done only after consulting the best cosmetic surgeon in Mumbai.


  • Generally, the treatment will require 8 to 10 sessions to complete and get the best possible results. The number of hair removal sessions varies with skin, size of area, and hair colour. Visit the best cosmetic surgeon to get the desired results from laser hair removal cosmetic treatment.


  • Side effects of laser hair removal treatment are hard to find. In a few cases, the skin might become swollen, but within some hours the skin will become normal. In only a few cases, darkening or lightening of the skin may happen. Scarring, blistering or any such side effects are rare.


  • By visiting the most popular cosmetic surgery clinic in Mumbai and getting treatment from the best cosmetic surgeon in Mumbai, you can easily ensure that hair removal procedure goes without any mishaps. An expert surgeon knows how to avoid side effects.


  • Before undergoing any cosmetic treatment, you should do a little research about it to find its pros and cons, or how badly you need the treatment. The trick to achieve the best results from laser hair removal in Mumbai is hidden in your selection of the cosmetic clinic and cosmetic surgeon. You must give emphasis on choosing the best surgeon in business.


Once you find the best cosmetic surgeon in Mumbai, consult him to find out if you’re an ideal candidate for hair removal in Mumbai or not.

Top 6 Reasons To Choose Laser Hair Removal in Mumbai

Want A Slimmer & Attractive Body? Tummy Tuck Surgery Is Best For You

The scientific term for tummy tuck surgery is abdominoplasty. The surgery is performed by expert surgeons to improve the look of abdomen by flattening it. It is done by extracting excess and loose fat & skin from the abdomen region of the patient’s body. After that the surgeon tightens the muscles around the abdominal wall.

Some women also choose tummy tuck surgery to remove the stretch marks present on their lower abdomen region.

Mostly, tummy tuck surgery is chosen by women after pregnancy, or people who want quick and effective weight loss or people who want to remove weak abdomen muscles in order to make their body attractive. People often choose tummy tuck surgery in Mumbai to improve their level of confidence and self-esteem.


Tummy tuck surgery can be performed for these conditions:

  • If a person is disappointed by the loose and excess skin, extra fat, stretch marks around abdomen region of their bodies which is not affected by exercise or controlled diet.
  • If the shape of abdomen is affected by either pregnancy or extreme weight loss.
  • It can be performed to improve looks of abdomen area.
  • If the uneven shape of abdomen area is affecting your self-esteem.


  • Why Choose Tummy Tuck Surgery & Is It Safe?

Tummy tuck Surgery is one of the best cosmetic surgery treatments which can decrease the unnecessary fat around the abdomen area effectively. We all know the hard truth that in majority of cases people doesn’t get any success from both exercising and dieting. For such scenarios, tummy tuck in Mumbai can prove effective results. A person can choose tummy tuck in Mumbai, after considering the following points:

  • If there’s excess skin around your abdomen are due to ageing, genes, pregnancy, and drastic change in weight or weak abdominal muscles.
  • There can be extremely damaging and adverse effects of smoking on the outcomes of this surgical treatment. So, you have to stay away from smoking for at least six months before and after the surgery are performed.
  • Pregnancy can separate the muscles which have been restored during the surgical procedure. Therefore, you can choose this treatment after you’re sure that you won’t be having children again. However, if you get pregnant after the surgery then there’s an option of having the surgery again.


  • Pros of having tummy tuck surgery in Mumbai
  • This cosmetic surgical procedure will easily give you a flat and attractive abdomen area.
  • You can easily achieve a beautiful, slimmer & younger body by undergoing this treatment.
  • No matter what you wear, after having tummy tuck surgery, you will look gorgeous in every dress and swimwear than before.
Want A Slimmer & Attractive Body? Tummy Tuck Surgery Is Best For You

All You Wish To Know About Hair Transplant In Dubai

The best solution currently available for hair loss is hair transplant surgery. It is a surgical process, so you must ponder every single point before deciding to go for the surgery. You should visit and consult best hair transplant surgeon in Dubai to get desirable results. Keep in mind, every hair transplant in Dubai needs a different approach.

You need to closely examine all the procedures available for hair transplant treatment in Dubai, and qualifications of the surgeon who will perform the surgery. To ensure favourable results you need to find the best hair transplant surgeon in Dubai. If you’re eligible then the success of the procedure will depend on elements such as surgeon’s ability, experience and the technique used.

Unlike the olden times, when hair transplant was not possible, things have change drastically now. Hair transplant is now possible because of the scientific development in this field. Not every area on the head looses hair and the follicles at the sides or back of the scalp are not prone to hair loss. The treatment includes extraction of skin with follicles from the head and re-attaching it to the bald areas. The growth of newly attached follicles continues in areas where hair loss problem was widespread before.

Multiple transplant grafts are required to ensure enough material for balding spots. Hair transplant make the head to look a lot fuller with hair, but pre-baldness density is a bit difficult to get.

The best candidates for hair transplant treatment are people older than 30 years of age and who have witnessed a high level of hair loss. It is better to opt for hair transplant in Dubai after the balding process completely stops as it helps surgeon to determine the level of problem. To get the best outcomes from the hair transplant treatment, it is quite important that the surgery produces a natural looking result.

Smaller grafts are used nowadays which look more natural, though might not be able to copy the hairline most people want. However, the hair transplant surgeon will ensure that the hair grows in the same pattern by transplanting follicular units.

These units are made by using 1 to 4 follicles, nerves, tissues, cells and blood vessels. The surgeon will make sure by using new techniques and microscope hat follicular units remain tight to generate the best results from the transplant procedure.

Small holes are made with help of a needle in the receiving area of the follicular units. The hair transplant surgeon will then insert the grafts into these holes. He will make sure that the follicular units are not damaged while being attached to the bald area.

All You Wish To Know About Hair Transplant In Dubai

Choose Hair Transplant In Dubai To Remove Your Baldness

Do you even know that by getting hair transplant treatment in Dubai, you can have hair back on your head easily? Don’t be surprised to hear this, because scientific innovations have made significant advances. With help of the best hair transplant surgeon in Dubai, you can get back both, hair on your head and your confidence.

Here are top three frequently asked questions by people who are looking for a transplant and want to have more info about hair transplant in Dubai. Have a look.

  • How Hair Transplant Treatment In Dubai Works?

The treatment will begin after the hair transplant surgeon finds out that how big the balding/thinning problem is and the exact number of hair grafts that will be needed to get rid of the baldness. After that, the surgeon will examine the capability of donor location, which is mostly at the side and back of the head where the density of hair is usually thicker compared to other areas.

If required grafts can be extracted from the donor area, then the surgeon will go ahead with the treatment. After these initial examinations, hair transplant surgeon will take the grafts from the donor area and place them on the bald area. Keep in mind that hair transplant treatment in Dubai is done when the patient is completely awake.

  • What Are The Methods Of Performing Hair Transplant In Dubai?

Right now, 3 methods are commonly used by surgeons to perform transplants.

  • Follicular Unit Extraction: This is one of the latest and highly advance methods used in transplant which is done by extracting the hair follicles and then applying them on the head where baldness is noticeable.
  • Stem Cell Follicular Unit Extraction: It’s also a latest transplant method which is less invasive and allows the patient to recover quickly and it leaves behind almost zero scars. This transplant technique provides notable hair density and has long-lasting results.
  • The Follicular Device Transplant: In this transplant method, follicles or grafts are removed from the donor area in shape of linear strips. Then by using a microscope, these strips are transformed into compact grafts before implanting grafts in the bald area of the head.
  • What’s The Recovery Time After The Transplant?

The time duration depends largely on the type of hair transplant treatment in Dubai you decide to choose. You should know that hair transplant in Dubai is performed on an outpatient basis, which means that you’re free to go back home after the surgery finishes.

Also, you can go back to your usual work and routine a week after undergoing transplant treatment. However, the recovery time may vary from patient to patient, so consult the best hair transplant surgeon in Dubai to find out your recovery time.

Choose Hair Transplant In Dubai To Remove Your Baldness

Revitalize Your Body With Amazing Anti Ageing Tips

With each passing year we are getting older and no one can stop this process. As we age, we all can clearly see that our physical features change a lot compared to what we used to have a few years ago. Sometimes, the ageing process doesn’t slow down, no matter how much we eat healthy and exercise.

To deal with the problem of ageing process, one of the best ways is to consider cosmetic surgery. You can visit a renowned cosmetic surgery clinic in Mumbai and consult the best cosmetic surgeon in Mumbai to know more about various surgical options available.

Here are 5 things which play a pivotal role in slowing down the ageing process. Have a look.

  • Fresh Fruits & Veggies: There’s simply no doubt that huge amount of benefits are provided by fruits and vegetables. Antioxidants in leafy greens, blueberries, carrots, tomatoes, etc. stop molecules from harming healthy skin cells.

Most of the expert doctors suggest that we should intake around 5 to 10 servings of fruits and vegetables every day. Ageing process can be slowed down with help of antioxidants such as zinc, beta-carotene and vitamin C. So make sure you’re getting the required amount every day.

  • Sleep: We often fail to realize the fact that sleep is really crucial for your health physical and mental health. You might become sleep deprived if you’re working all day & night without getting proper sleep. At least eight hours sleep is highly recommended by expert healthcare officials. Without proper sleeping time, one might develop many diseases also.
  • Physical Exercise: Studies have suggested that exercising regularly helps to acquire stamina, strength in muscles, density and balance in the bones. After exercising you’ll feel a great level of fitness and revitalization in your body. With each workout your health will become better!
  • Dairy Products: Calcium and vitamins in dairy products are the main source to get stronger bones and play a significant role to prevent osteoporosis. Many people don’t like to consume dairy products dairy products, so in that case you can go for other foods that have calcium and vitamins (especially Vitamin D). Some of these alternatives are cereals, soy milk or almond milk.
  • Sun:  With this tip, you need to stay careful as it might prove to be a bit risky. Sun exposure is necessary as it has benefits like Vitamin D, but Overexposure to the harmful ultra-violet rays from the sun can be quite dangerous. If you’re planning to stay outside for long then use a good sunscreen lotion or cream to protect your skin. Sun provides the much needed Vitamin D to our body.

If these tips have no affect on your ageing problem then you should visit a renowned cosmetic surgery clinic in Mumbai. You can choose different types of anti ageing procedures under the expert guidance of the best cosmetic surgeon in Mumbai.

Revitalize Your Body With Amazing Anti Ageing Tips

Dermal Fillers – For A Soft & Wrinkle Free Skin

For a variety of reasons, mostly ageing and weight-loss, a person may observe that his/her face is beginning to look more bleak and worn-out. Young & fresh skin looks tight and attractive because of collagen, but as a result of continues ageing process, collagen levels start decreasing significantly in our skin gradually. Fortunately, a lot of cosmetic and non-surgical treatments are available nowadays, like dermal fillers which can be used to get back the younger look and beauty.

Dermal fillers are injected into the skin (performed by expert surgeons), which help to fill the gaps and provide smoother facial skin. Dermal fillers work effectively by simply reversing the ageing process of the facial skin.

  • Dermal Fillers To Fight Against Signs Of Ageing

A major loss in the production of collagen is noticed as humans get old. With old age dermis starts to lose important components such collagen fibres, ashyaluronic acid and elastin. These activities lead to the creation of creases, wrinkles and fine lines because dermis skin structure starts deteriorating.

Dermal fillers fill the gaps in the skin, so the treatment not only removes the fine lines, but also enhances the outline of a face. Restylane, Hylaform, Radiesse and Juvederm are some of the elements which can be found in dermal fillers.

  • Dermal Fillers Improve Sunken Areas & Wrinkles

As per your needs, the surgeon will use either 1 filler or mixture of different fillers to get desirable results. The choice of fillers is generally made by the expert surgeon after analysing the skin condition of the patient. Before injecting dermal fillers, a chemical is used to make that area numb for medical reasons.

The dermal fillers are injected in the areas of facial skin where wrinkles, scars, sunken areas or fine lines are rampant. Wrinkles disappear and sunken areas get additional volume. So, dermal fillers can work wonders for your skin which is damaged due to sunken areas and wrinkles. These are an excellent option to fight against the signs of ageing.

Visit a renowned cosmetic surgery clinic in Mumbai if you need to know everything in detail about dermal fillers. Here are 3 top qualities dermal fillers which will help you to understand the treatment better.

  • Dermal fillers can be easily administered.
  • High quality dermal fillers remain in the dermis for a long time.
  • Safety standards of dermal fillers are outstanding.

Soft, firm, fresh and younger facial skin can be easily achieved with help of this amazing anti-ageing treatment.

  • Procedure Of Dermal Fillers

In this cosmetic treatment, a patient is given local anaesthesia or an anaesthetic cream. The patient will not feel any pain as this will make the skin numb. No cuts are made and the treatment finishes within an hour. Visit a renowned cosmetic surgery clinic in Mumbai to rejuvenate your facial skin.

Dermal Fillers – For A Soft & Wrinkle Free Skin